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Okay… This is very new to me… I was doing much personal story quests today and I haven’t noticed anything wierd till now… I was walking to Divinity’s Reach to go in Tixx thingy… I went out and opened my inventory to see if I have some items to sell and I saw that I don’t have my money anymore… All what I found was 78 Silver instead of my 9 golds… Please help

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Hello everyone.

Yes, we would like to ask you to send a ticket to Customer Support as every ticket and every report also helps us to focus on possible errors or issues and study them more in depth. I personally would not recommend an account roll-back for 9 gold, New Creator, but this is only my opinion, although I totally understand the feeling of frustrating that this kind of loss brings. Just make sure you provide all the details to Customer Support so they can forward the issue to the team. I will also do the same today.

We close now this thread. Thanks for your understanding.