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First of all I really loved the game, but I’m really starting to doubt some of the ways supposed Bots and Gold sellers are being handled.

Yesterday I was about to complete Volcanus which I had to farm for months because I don’t really have that much time to play on weekdays. After months of farming I was still short for about 80 lodestones. My fiance volunteered to help me with them and sent me about 20-40g to help me complete it. We then woke up today to discover that she has been BANNED for GOLD SELLING. I find this utterly ridiculous. Since November, bots have been swimming around in almost any underwater place available, which are still there despite the almost daily reporting that our group does(and are still there even AFTER the supposed recent bot wave bannings), then people who actually work hard at the game get banned without even a warning or a notice?

This seems to be an automated banning system, because obviously nobody could have reported her, but I wonder why it’s even there in the first place. Why put in the function to send gold to other people, then automatically assume that anybody who sends gold are gold sellers? If you really want to stop gold selling, why not actually remove all of those bots swimming around?

I’ve consistently defended this game since each launch. Hacking problems, bots, broken 1 time events, dungeons and new gears that split the community… Even with all the problems and controversies encountered, I have been promoting it to every gamer I know since it really was a fun game for us. Now… not so much. Maybe we should really start giving other games a try.

Yes we already opened a customer support ticket, but I already know from experience that takes a long time before it can be resolved, and she’s already losing out on playing this weekend because of this.

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Hello everyone.

Soulfist, we totally understand the frustration over this issue and would like to offer our apologies, as we are aware of the problems this represents for the gaming experience of a player that has not incurred in these activities. Currently we are studying these problems and issues with the banning and we need all the tickets and information possible, so we would ask you to remain patience while this gets sorted out. Rest assured that your fiancée will be playing soon enough once Customer Support revises the ticket you issued.

Thank you very much for your patience.