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Hi everyone,

We’ve noticed a lot of overly aggressive and rude/disrespectful behavior in the WvW sub forums. That’s why we decided to post this reminder in order to clarify our community standards.

First of all, as the Code of Conduct says:

“Do not engage in personal attacks against forum members or in character assassination. Posts that attack another member, that single out a player for ridicule, or that accuse someone of inappropriate in-game actions will be removed without notice.”

Also, if you witness suspected behavior in game that could be violations of the in-game Rules of Conduct, please do not post these reports on the forum, as we’ll have to remove them. Any in-game misbehavior should be reported via the in-game report tool or through the ticketing system to our Customer Support Team with all required details such as screenshots, videos etc… Both methods will help.

Secondly, regarding exploits: posting exploits on the forum is not permitted as the forum moderation team does not investigate those issues. That’s why exploits have to be sent to the following address: [email protected] or to our Customer Support Team as explained above. Reports of exploits sent by either of these two methods reach the correct people who can then investigate.

And finally, one of the most important points, which is also available for every sub forum: be polite and respectful towards each other. These forums are meant to be constructive, and while we understand that a bit of zeal can sometimes be necessary in the spirit of competition, please keep in mind that all inflammatory, rude, and disrespectful posts will be removed. So let’s reserve the energy to fight on the in-game battlefields and not on our forums.

With these simple rules in mind, we would like to offer you a friendly place where all exchanges can be done in a respectful way and according to the sportsmanship needed for those intensive battles that are going on in WvW.