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I was wondering if people report on an acccount or toon that they are botting. And anet succefully finds out they are botting and bans the account. Could rewards be given out to those that reported the individual. Im sure many come across botters and dont care, but if there was something like an incentive maybe more would be inclined to do something. Nothing major, but just a little something to show you stopped someone doing the wrong thing.

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Hello everyone.

This is of course a legit suggestion but at the moment we are not contemplating this rewarding technique in our constant fight against bots. The team measures always the best ways of dealing with these issues and they make decisions through thorough thinking so rest assured that they are doing their best in this respect.

We are thankful for all the reports we are receiving, as they are helping us, and would like to ask you to keep on reporting those fellow bots.

Thanks for your patience!