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So, I just came from a fractal where things were going a little rough. Now knowing how PuG groups can be, I just accepted that my guildies and I were going to have to work a little harder to make up for these guys.

We get to the end of the final fractal level ((Maw)) and one of the players start yelling at my guildie about dodging backwards to avoid maw’s attack instead of grabbing a crystal. My guildie, admittedly being teasing the other player a bit dodges the next attack with mist form which isn’t really a problem to because he isn’t dying and is doing damage to other things. In an act of rage this play requests a kick and his other warrior friend seconds it. Just like that one of my guilies who has been working extra hard to support one of these players is now out of his chest and daily.

Do you believe this is fair? I had to say that in the moment I wasn’t sure what to do. I knew that my guildie was already out but I couldn’t let these two characters get away with depriving him of something just because they didn’t like his actions. They in no way justified a kicking. With that in mind I felt that they too should be kicked. It wasn’t something I wanted to do but an eye for an eye seemed to be the only way to make the crimes fit. Afterwards I blocked and reported them both to make sure they wouldn’t be group with me again.

I’m here on the forum to ask if my actions were wrong? Were they right? What would have all of you done in that sort of situation?

I also want to know why the kick system only requires 2 votes. Shouldn’t it be at least 3 so the majority of the group can at least decide?

Please tell me what you guys think, and be as blunt as possible.

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Hello everyone.

Just a quick note about this kind of attitudes and how to report them: if you think you have witnessed an unfair in-game episode and you would like the team to revise the players that took part in it and the situation, you can also proceed to report to our Customer Support team using the in-game ticketing system (screenshots and details -place, hour of the incident, etc- about the event would be desirable).

Just remember that like we don’t permanently ban anyone on the forums for first time offences, the same goes in-game. The more you report, the better the game world will be.