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Evening all,

One of our officers was trying to add a new member to our guild with 240 members, we got the message that we were not allowed to add a new member. I am trying to increase our membership base to 500 (2 Gold upgrade) but I am getting the message..

“Hmm, your membership is not large enough. You need more guild members before I can give you a bigger license.”

The message when trying to add the new member was “Your guild is full.” We have bought up to the 400 size limit.

Is this a known issue? Any work around? Any and all help is appreciated!

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Hello everyone.

LIilMcGinley, please, proceed to put this information in the sticky that Michael is referring to, here. It is indeed more useful for us to concentrate all the issues with the guild system there than in different threads scattered all around the forums.

Thanks for your understanding.