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Regional FlagServer "Full" Permanent?Source
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Bought the game last night and just finished downloading.
Reason i bought the game is to join this girl i like on the Server Underworld but its “Full”

Is this permanent or just because there’s so many on right now?

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Hello everyone.

Lyngaas, even though now it appears Full, there are constant movements and fluctuation of population between servers so those markers can change from Full to High in different moments of the day. We understand how frustrating this can be when you want to play in one specific server but at the moment this is the only thing you can do: keep on trying till you eventually get inside. This also happens.

You can either wait now and jump directly when you can to Underworld or just start in another server and start levelling up there; we are allowing one transfer free per week so you will need to wait seven days in order to jump to Underworld. Your choice.

Good luck.