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Someone else said:

“I’ve spent two hours at the start of the mission trying to get past the initial puzzle. I don’t find that fun; I find that to be absolutely infuriating. "

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve got two chars stuck there, mesmer and elementalist. Not even using the elementalist’s “stability” special skill gets you across. Look here, developers – if I want that kind of c**p, all I have to do is go to work and insult the boss. This is a game, repeat GAME! It’s supposed to be fun, a word I doubt you are familiar with. Spending hours spread over several days and still not being able to complete it is NOT fun. And I can’t go back and choose another order to join.

Game ruined, thank you very much.

Then again, you’ll just ignore this as you ignore every other indication that GW2 is nowhere near as good as you like to think. It could be, but the worst problem is your attitude towards the players, your paying customers.

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