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Hello dear people

Our guild leader got banned for the snowflake (Unjustifiably but that is by far a separate topic) and is currently trying to get his account back.

Sadly for the guild it means we can’t activate any bonuses/do much really. As the only officer I can invite but that’s about it. Although it’s a relatively small guild (probably 100 regulars) It means I can not promote and just sit while the guild influence points stack up uselessly.

Is there a way to gain access to the abilities of the leader in case he can never get his account back? It seems a real shame to try and organise a new guild especially when this one has picked up a lot of influence and we have a nice little community going that I’m worried will suffer because of this.

Yours graciously

Mr. T Slug

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I suggest that you submit a ticket and explain the situation. Provide the guild name, name of the player whose account was terminated (the leader), and suggest the next-senior officer or officers as the new leader(s). I am not certain that we will be able to address this — that’s one of the reasons that we have co-leaders in Guild Wars 2 — but I understand your concerns and I am confident the team will review this issue to see if there’s a remedy.