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For any server that has been in or watching the T8 scores you might easily notice how the bottom 2 servers are several hundred points behind the other servers. This was caused by the several month long matchup with Kaineng/Devona/Ferguson in which Devona had to absolutely obliterate the competition in order to move up 1 tier. Thus, while Devona gained little points every week, Kain and Fergs lost points every week. After Devona finally moved up, Kain stepped their game up (via transfers, SoS’s return, PvE recruitment etc) and additionally obliterated the competition. Well that’s just dandy for Eredon and Ferguson who are still several hundred points below the T7 scores. Also, if anyone believes that those scores are fair (I doubt anyone is stupid enough to think that, but), look at the scores that Eredon and Sorrow’s have put up immediately after falling to T8. They lost 200 points at least in their first week at T8, and Eredon lost up to 500 eventually I believe. Currently Sorrow’s Furance is losing (barely) to Fergusons, yet they will still be 120+ points ahead of Fergusons because of how insanely scewed the scores have been. You may think that in time this will auto adjust but its blatantly obvious that this will never happen. While Fergusons and Eredon may gain points from having a close match with Sorrow’s, the majority of the points are just being lost by Sorrows. This will eventually reach equilibrium in a couple weeks with all 3 servers probably having around 750 points (that’s 200 points below Henge of Denravi, bottom of T7, who are doing far worse than both ET and FC did against Kaineng). So that basically leaves T8 totally stuck as it is until some server in T7 does extremely bad or a server in T8 gets a flood of transfer, which I know everyone hates with a passion, and does extremely well.

I honestly don’t know a solution for this, but it definitely is not right. Perhaps ANet needs to put in some manual boost in points for Tier 8 so that its actually possible for a T8 server to catch a T7 server without needing a ridiculous matchup.

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There is no system in the world that’s ever going to compensate for server transfers, or guilds taking a break from wvw, or differences in primetime play hours.

Pretty much this. We use gliko to help make sure the matches end up being somewhat competitive, but no systems can really predict and react immediately to constantly changing populations.

While glicko may not be the greatest thing to use for tiered competition, I think it’s actually worked fairly well to help ensure that a large portion of our matches end up being competitive. We haven’t been seeing nearly as many lopsided blowouts happening as we continue to have more matches being played out and then feeding those results into the formulas. The obvious exception to that being the worlds who either lose or gain large amounts of players in a short period of time and get caught in a matchup where they get dominated or are the dominating force.

However, even with all the issues glicko presents, we have seen that while it takes a few weeks for the system to adjust to the population shifts, it DOES adjust, and eventually those worlds end up playing in competitive games again once they reach a tier that suits their current population.

And yes, we need to get paid server transfers in. We all agree with that statement, and we’re trying to make it happen as soon as we can, while still making sure the guesting system is as useful and easy to use as possible. We’re agonizingly close, so hopefully soon we can stop talking about it and just do it!