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Is there any chance we could get some information on WHEN or IF the Scavenger Hunt will be implemented? “Sometime in the future” really just doesn’t cut it anymore. Why are you married to the idea of the scavenger hunt anyway? Will part of it be Gem store only or something? And yes, I really hate feeling like that is what is holding it up.

If honestly wanting to help those players that only need the precursor to complete their legendary why not do the easy fix instead of the scavenger hunt that will take months?

ADD a tab to the Mystic Forge person and put all precursors in said tab. 1 handed is 100 gold 2 handed is 200 gold. Leave drop and forge rates as is and those that get one by luck have a windfall of cash still. This REMOVES ALL THE GOLD BEING PUT IN THE ECONOMY BY ANET AND GOLD SELLERS. Instead of removing 15% of it and leaving the rest in the hands of players. A real GOLD SINK that also has the benefit of fixing a problem. You know this would take all of an afternoon to do … so why don’t you?

It would be beyond easy to ADD a tab and would be far better than the scavenger hunt. Selling the precursor from an NPC for a fixed rate will cause a small rise in the rest of the mats since people will need less for it. Scavenger hunt will cause the prices to go up considerably since it will not be removing gold from the game.

At this point I can honestly say I think the only reason you are not doing this is because you are trying to work a hook into the Gem store for the precursor to generate more gem sales. There isn’t a logical explanation beyond that when the alternative of a TAB is far easier to implement and better for the game economy overall.

So about that Scavenger hunt …

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To try and give as much transparency (and visibility) on the answer on this as possible, heads up → I just posted in the other scavenger hunt thread, answer can be found there