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What’s the deal with all the massive bugs in this game? GOTY? Really?

Today was a total letdown for level 80 PVE – Balthazar event bugged out three times in a row; group gave up on it and decided to just run other random group events in Orr… guess how many we’ren’t bugged? No, not how many were stuck and bugged out, that list would be too long. We found about four that were actually in a working state.

So, decided to do some instances. Oh my, during a CoF run, the bomb-run event got failed because a newer player didn’t work quite fast enough/got killed/etc… so we restart. BUGGED. Stuck. NPC won’t accept any bombs. Group disintegrates. What a relaxing weekend afternoon and evening! Argh my sarcasm-gland just exploded.

Can we please get some serious effort at maintaining basic functionality of the end game content?

If it we’ren’t for WvW, I’d have deleted my chars and left already…

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Hello everyone,

to report bugs, please use the in-game report tool, contact the customer support, or report them in the bug section of the forum.
Thank you.

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