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Well. I have a friend who really wanted the game but couldn’t get a ride until a few days later. I decided to be generous one day and get the game for him from the shop but sadly I could not get in contact with him before he got the game himself.

So now I have an unopened GW2 case. I do not believe that the company will take refunds on downloadable PC games (I tried that before with a RIFT box I didn’t actually need..) so I was wondering on how I could get my 65 bucks back somehow.

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Hello everyone.

Oracle Fefe, this kind of refund is something you should check with the shop where you purchased it and not with us since the box is unopened and that key does not belong to anyone, is not used yet and therefore, technically it is nothing our Customer Support can take care about as there is no client using that key. I am sure the shop will allow you a total refund if you arrive there with the box and the receipt.

Thanks to all for your contributions.