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I’d really like to know and I really hope so. I am so, so so tired of everyone skipping every single part of the dungeon except the absolutely necessary bosses. What is the purpose? or me and 3 other players being stuck in a group with an “Lol guardian i can tank all” guy who runs past everything enduring and leaves us all slaughtered. No one is skipping because it is too hard, its just constant skipping because they can. I find it highly annoying.

My only hope is this next update starts making parts of dungeons mandatory. No one tries anymore. Even the mesmer nonsense is annoying though it can’t be fixed. Must have 1 mesmer in each group because no one will try to run past the rocks in CoF. I can do it 8 times in front of their face and they just refuse to try, wait for mesmer. I mean honestly? it is not difficult at all. The laziness of dungeoners is irritating. If you don’t skip you get kicked. And don’t get me started on exploits and areas where you cant be targeted.

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It’s one of those human things to do something with the path of least resistance and danger, especially when there is a reward at the end. I could make enemies never drop their aggro on players and force them to fight every single mob, but I don’t see that as a viable solution right now.
I think the better solution is to look at why people are skipping things, and approach from a different angle. Trash mobs have too much HP, and can’t be counted on for lucrative drops from a Risk/Time vs Reward, so people interested in making money (most groups) aren’t incentivized to do it, whereas the end chest/boss are more guaranteed and accountable returns on time and risk. I also think there is something to be said about interesting trash mob mechanics making them more enjoyable of a fight.
I can’t make the rewards from trash mobs so lucrative though that people just farm the first couple trash mobs/boss in a dungeon and then rinse/repeat. We encountered this when people just farmed the first boss in an instance and then restarted it (earlier around launch time), and we had to adjust the content as a result. It’s a fine line you have to walk to encourage players to get to the end, but make the process of getting there rewarding enough as well.

I don’t imagine this next update will resolve all the skipping behavior. The path of least resistance is engrained in people, and even if I do everything I could to incentivize people, there will still be those who skip stuff. I have been fixing exploits that will require players to complete more of the events in dungeons, but I am sure people will still skip what they can to get to their end goal.

For now I would encourage those not looking to skip to find some folks who don’t like skipping and make a guild with them… or maybe look for guilds that are dedicated to not skipping, and tag along with them. I’m in a couple of them (anonymously), and it really is an effective solution to playing the game the way you want to play it: Find other people with similar interests and band together with them.