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My account has been suspended for 71 hours for an unacceptable name in violation of the user agreement and rules of conduct.

As English is my secondary language I’m not entirely sure what does that ‘name’ in there stand for, does it mean I was banned because of my name?

Or could it be another reason?

I have also sent a support ticket but I know these take a while to get an answer and my ban will probably be lifted by than, but I do not understand why would I get banned for my name as its just: Zaanchy (my real name is Zan, and I somehow got Zaanko out of it, and since Zaanko was already taken I got to Zaanchy)
And on my alt its: Oknaaz (Zaanko reversed) and my name on the second alt is something that I already forgot (only played it for ~2 hours or so) but its not a bad name in any way (some kind of Japanese name I found online :d )

Anyone has any clues? – I’ve also been googling that ban reason, and it didn’t come up with any hits..


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Hello everyone.

Well, Zaanko, glad that the question got solved for you in the end. As you got the answer and you can return to Zaanchy, we proceed to close the thread.