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Just got my first infraction point,
where can I find the rules of them?
How many to get banned?

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Hello everyone.

As Wesley has already pointed out, you can always check our official message about the infraction system, posted by Mark a while ago. As it is explicitly stated there, we rather prefer not to give too much information about the system as a whole as this could be misused by some users and this would not be overall fair, would it.

If you receive an infraction that does not carry a point, then consider it always as a friendly but firm reminder that a post of yours has gone against our Code of Conduct of the forums in one way or another. It´s quite simple actually. We do not ban people from the forums for first offences, that would not make any sense and would also not be fair. We rather prefer to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to these boards in a constructive and respectful way.

Hope this explains a little bit better our stance on this.
And now I proceed to close the thread.