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With the recent temp banning of people I know in game I am worried about giving gold to my wife’s account in-game. Should I be? I found a decent item , sold it and wish to give her account half but I don’t want to be banned.

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Just to keep you up to date, transferring gold is very seldom a problem, unless, upon human review, there are a lot of question marks related to your account.

Let me take this opportunity to mention that a number of people whose accounts were suspended believe they were terminated for transferring gold, but in fact they were locked down because they were hacked. I’ll give you an example: Fred transfers 25 gold to Mary. Later that night, Fred’s account is hacked and the thief — probably an RMT worker — starts transferring up a storm, moving gold, shuttling off items, the usual account thief bad stuff.

Fred wakes up to see his account is blocked and thinks, “It’s because I transferred gold to Mary!” But in fact, it’s because the account thief was detected misbehaving on the account and the account was suspended because of what the hacker did.

Once Fred writes Support, proves account ownership, and gets reinstated to his account, he will log in and most likely see exactly what happened: either he was erroneously suspended for a simple, legitimate gold transfer or — far more likely — his account was suspended for gold sales, RMT activity, etc., which the Support Team can address promptly. This means that what Fred would have seen changed from “Your account was terminated for gold sales” to “Your account was closed for an account issue” and that second in-game message usually points to the account owner being the victim of an account theft.

Don’t worry, we’ll help Fred (and nail the account hacker) and with the ART (Account Restoration Tool) chances are we can restore Fred’s account to a point preceding the account theft. Fred will be back in good shape after working with Support.

Sorry for a long post, but I wanted to get this out there because players should not be overly worried about doing a simple, fair, clear transfer of their own gold! And in the event we do make an error, we’ll get you back on the account.