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My support tickets haven’t been answered for months. When I have a problem with moderation on the forum trying to figure out why. My account gets an infraction, and then I’m told to email [email protected]; which I do and also never gets answered or dealt with.

So how am I supposed to get any help with my issues since you don’t: deal with my tickets, don’t respond to my emails, and just keep deleting my threads and handing out infractions until I’m suspended. Is there a number I can call? Really getting to the point of I’m just going to go play something else and stop buying content. There are plenty of other games that don’t treat their customers like c_r(a-p.

This is the last time I’m going to post about it; if nothing is done or my post has been deleted for the hundredth time. Don’t worry… I will have moved on to bigger and better thanx!

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Do you have an incident / ticket number from submitting a ticket?