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I’ve read the posts by dev’s saying to keep reporting bots, and yet I’ve reported all I see, reported them dozens of times and I still see them daily blipping through zone after zone every day, for weeks..

These are the “teleport in, gather, teleport out” kind, which I’ve taken to ‘friending’ and then reporting over and over.

I am not asking to be told what happens to them, but literally if you see the same toon cycling through the zones after watching them cheat, report it, and weeks later they are still around, why bother?

Talking to my guild they do the same thing and they too still see the bot’s around weeks after they are first reported.. Can something please be done about these? Thanks!

(Sorry if this is a redundant thread)

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it is very important to continue reporting bots but in the usual way, i.e. by using the in-game tool for that purpose or via customer service.