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I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the things that are being worked on and sorted out after we use the report bug feature both in game and also on the forums.

I just started doing my 4th char through the Fields of Ruin map and after completing world complete to 100% for 3 chars already this map would really annoy me at the Hautclair vale heart due to there being very few mobs to kill or things to collect for it. I reported this a couple of months ago for the first time I think on my second char and then a few weeks back on my 3rd char. Now finally I see it fixed. I am not being sarcastic either, I know things take time especially when you must get as many bug reports as you do, I know for example that I have sent in a ton myself.

So once again thank you, if only for this one simple example so far, keep up the good work!

Anyone else have things to thank them for that have been fixed due to reports you have sent in? If so feel free to use this opportunity/thread to also post a thank you. I feel this forum could use a positive post once in a while.

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I do wonder why this thread has been allowed to stay open when the T&Cs state that the words Anet/Devs/Moderators cannot be used in the title for any topic?

I’ve taken care of this.