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Youtube video:

Blog post:

This post makes me cautiously optimistic about the future of GW2. Seems like there’s some lovely PvE, WvW, and PvP changes incoming.

The possible open world token system and and CHANGING daily achievements have me the most interested.

Ty SpyderArachnid and Farzo.

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Thank you for creating this thread. We made it a sticky, so that everyone can have a clear overview of it.

Please, remember to stay constructive and to respect the rules described in our code of conduct if you want to express your opinion

Thanks a lot for your contributions, we really appreciate them!

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It all sounds really good. The only thing that is a tiny bit frustrating is the TONS of achievements I’ve already completed and gotten nothing for. I wish I could do them over again once they are worth tokens. =\

Indeed. There better be a way to get rewards on previous achievements, because we can’t reset achievements and veteran players will really be at a pretty big disadvantage.

Either retroactive rewards, or a reset of completed achievements, with the current AP totals not being effected would be fine. I don’t mind having to revisit achievements I’ve already finished, but retroactive token rewards would be nice to have. (I’ve been focusing on achievements recently, now I have to wonder if I should stop that until there is some clarification on this).

They have explained in another post that once the initial system is implemented (Daily/Monthly for crowns), they will retroactively reward players with crowns for their already completed achievements. It WONT be part of the initial release though.

Since I think all of this can be a little confusing until seen in practice, and because some of the details aren’t yet fleshed out, a few points to help clarify:

  • Previous daily and monthly achievements will not be reward retroactively with crowns, it will be newly completed daily/monthly achievements only. (January achievement if completed after the release will not give crowns, monthly from February on will qualify.)
  • We will develop a separate reward system you’ll see later for other types of achievements, this system hasn’t been finalized, it’s entirely possible this system will not reward the crown currency at all. This system will retroactively reward achievements you’ve already earned (except dailies/monthlies) and may possibly cap out the rewards you can earn from infinitely repeatable achievements, so no one has an unfair advantage.

Hope that helps a bit, more info once we’ve finalized more of the details.