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Friends, Family, people I really don’t know, I would like to bring a matter to your attention. I would like to be nit-picky and talk about the value of gold in Guild Wars 2.

Now, when we think of gold, we all think of that little yellow circle of currency we all desire to have plenty of. Some of us on the other hand, may also think of things such as gold ore and/or ingots. The problem with this, is that we have a bar of gold, which has much more refined gold, than the actual gold coin with a market value of 1g. Currently, gold ingots are selling for 58 copper on the marketplace. This brings me much fear for the market of this game. Sure, many would say that it’s all in the markings of the coin, a piece of metal isn’t a penny unless it’s minted as such. That may be true, but counterfeiting would be a very feasible skill with the kind of technology available, and there have been no counterfeiting measures shown within the game. For all we know, the kitten coins could even be blank. For the sake of the argument however, let us assume that they’re minted coins. It would be a simple matter of taking these coins, making a clay imprint, and ultimately creating a casting to which gold bars could be smelted down into coins, causing havoc and chaos within the economy. Think about it. One gold is 10,000 copper. At 58 copper per ingot, that’s a little less than 178 fresh gold ingots that you can smelt down into an amount of gold we can only guess at, not knowing the exact measurements and purity of each.

The matter at hand troubles me greatly, ANet. It’ll be like Nazi Germany’s inflation all over again, except with sacks of gold in place of bundles of paper money. Somebody will go to buy a basic salvage kit to find that the price has raised another 30 gold within the few minutes that they were busy. People complain about market listings as it is, but this inflation problem would put even the Black Lion trading Co. out of business, and power in a world where currency no longer holds any value. Gold is only the worst part of the problem at that. We still have natural silver and copper nodes out there that can go through the same process.

So what do you say, ANet, would you care to explain how we would fix this dire situation? The ball is in your court.

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This also assumes that all cash values are literal and not fiat money. It only cost $1 for a bunch of paper, but dollar bills are worth more.