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Honestly, I don’t mean to bring drama or anything, but I have very little faith about the security of my account and your ability to prevent hacking if you can’t prevent spam messages from gold sellers on your own forums.

What’s going on? I’ve been an active member for less then 2 weeks and already have 3 messages.

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The security of your account, and our ability to help you prevent an account compromise, are completely unrelated to this PM spam. An analogy might be: Just because someone can randomly dial your phone to make a sales call doesn’t mean they can get into your locked house.

We’re aware of this issue and we regret that it is happening. We are closing more than a dozen forum and game accounts a day related to this situation. These RMT/gold sellers are abusing the system and breaking every rule about Guild Wars 2 out there: UA, Forum CoC, RoC, Copyright… you name it.

We’re looking at adding better systems to prevent this problems. But in the short term, if you simply open the PM and hit the flag, saying “RMT spam” or “gold seller” or something of that sort, our moderators will take care of the problem person.