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Operating System: Windows 8 Pro
Computer: Laptop, Toshiba Satellite L840 w/ customization and upgrades done to the hardware.
Alternative Programs open while GW2 is running: NCSoft Launcher (for GW1,AION, dunno why GW2 wont go in there but w.e that’s a separate issue)

The issue:
While running dungeons and only dungeons I have been having issues with fatal errors…there is no real timing or real symptoms to go by. The only thing that happens is that the game window will go black for about 0.5~2 seconds then close with a fatal error message that stays up for about 0.5~1 second before closing as well. After going through my processes and all that fun stuff I notice there is nothing abnormal going on. This only happens when I am in dungeons, the most recent example is the Fractals Dungeon, the jumping puzzle one with the random monsters done in a asura style level (cant remember the instance name)

Prior to running windows 8 I have had no true issues so I’m sort of lost at what the root cause can be (inb4 some smart kitten says “ kitten windows 8 there’s your cause”)

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Hi Wolfey To begin, Guild Wars 2 runs on it’s own client. It was never intended to be run with the NCSOFT Launcher, though NCSOFT are the publishers for Guild Wars 2.

Second, could you please provide a crash report that shows exactly what Fatal Errors you’re seeing? Generally Fatal Disk Errors indicate an issue with your hard drive. You can locate this file by navigating to Documents\Guild Wars 2 and locating the ArenaNet.log file.