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I am extremely frustrated because my son’s mail has been bugged for MONTHS, he cannot receive mail and has ended up losing items and coin that were mailed to him because he wasn’t aware of it. He paid Real Money for the Halloween pet pack and never received it ( we have a screenshot of it being his last purchase to prove it). He and I have both sent in numerous bug reports about this with no fix or even the courtesy of a response. Now I come to find out that my husband’s account has the same issue. I sent him bags I made last night and he never got them, we tried a test this evening and he didn’t get the mail. I put out over 56 silver to make those bags, and that was 1/6 of my total coin. I made bags for several other family members who play this past weekend and they received them just fine. My son and husband are using separate accounts on the same computer and neither one had full mailboxes. This is going on 3 months now! Can something please respond and PLEASE HELP. Thank you

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Do both people have room for the messages? There’s a limit on how much mail you can have, past that new messages will be queued up and up and you won’t receive anything until you delete mail to make room in your mailbox.