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As first sorry for bad english.
I was very excited yesterday when I read new blogpost until I saw that screen with new rewards list. A big RNG anvil drop on my feet because its only way how you did it. RNG. RNG everywhere. I am man without luck I never make precursor in forge, my first ascended ring drop on fractals lvl 28 while others has 10+ rings, I never get thing from daily like Black Lion Salvage Kit (ok ok once), my Mystic Clovers ratio was 1:6 and I can continue. Another story are RNG effects on my lovely engineer skills.
Dear Colin for people like me is RNG most frustrating thing in game. Keep it in mind while you will develope features for future. You can do it better. More fair and more enjoying for all o us. I trust you!

Long story short RNG isnt fun (I hope you still focusing on fun). And lots of people will never truly enjoy your game until RNG will be here.

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We already have a thread dedicated to the feedback about Colin Johanson’s blog post here.

Therefore, we’ll close this thread and ask you to post your opinion/questions on the one linked above.