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The ONE exploit I’m sad to see leave arah was the wall in p3 where you could jump up and skip the 2nd ball room. I’m not sad to see it gone cause the balls are hard, not at all. Me and my bud 2 man those balls 100% of the time (thief and ele op :P). The reason why I’m sad to see it go is because when I feel like soloing some of arah on my thief, I CAN’T get to lupi anymore to try and solo him. I can make it to the balls easy in p3 but get held up on that 2nd light door and can’t possibly get past it. It is impossible to solo it, the ball WILL kill you. Since I’m not able to solo to Lupi on any other path (not nearly as good as that war who can do it), I don’t even get the chance to try any more.

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Hello Randromfightfan.

While we really appreciate that you took the time to give us your feedback, we’ll now close this thread as it does not invite really a constructive discussion. We encourage you to write a suggestion about this issue in the Suggestions subforum if you see it fit.

Thanks for your understanding.