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Server – Jade Quarry

My friend was thinking of buying GW2 but pretty much with the soul purpose of playing with me and to the lesser extent some choice friends in my guild (The Shrouded Blade). But I will definitely advise him against it if he gets stuck outside the server. Please someone who knows help! An acquaintance of mine got stuck off the server just a few days ago when he bought the game and I don’t want a repeat. /sigh . This is quite bothersome. When my guild all bought the game when it came out 3 guildmates all got stuck off the server because of server fullness… this has been a recurring problem ever since then. It is to say the least… troublesome. Any workarounds would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. – Sol

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Hello Solous.

At the moment we are offering one free server transfer per week so your friend can try and join in your server after he logs in for the first time and if this does not work he can start levelling in another server and after week proceed to jump into JQ. We are aware that it is frustrating to be checking the capacity of the servers but satisfactory stories of successful transfers are also out there.

Check this page for an update about what to expect regarding upcoming server transfer changes. We will let you know before-hand so everyone knows about it quite in advance.