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Seriously? Are these people just not able to skip and so they want it removed from the game or why are they so loud about it? If killing the mobs were fun or worthwhile I’d kill them. However, as it stands, I don’t want to spend another 2 hours in arah just clearing all the trash mobs that can almost 1 hit a team and rarely ever drop anything. Or how about try p2 with the inquest that take forever to kill even though they do 0 dmg, they stunlock single targets forever.

If you’re talking about a dungeon like coe, then go ahead and clear. Gl on things like the destroyer crabling though.

Why should I take the time to clear the mobs when I’m running with a team of skilled players who will, 100%, get through the mobs alive. In the time it takes to clear the trash mobs in most dungeons, you can complete a 2nd run in the time it’d take you to just clear the trash mobs.

In the above point, I have indeed tested it. In the time it takes to clear an entire ac1 or 2 run, mobs and all, we would have been able to complete BOTH paths if we skipped the trash (we kill kholer and esp kholer/troll, he/they aren’t trash). Nobody runs CM. We 100% skip in ta, can also run 2 if not all 3 paths in the time it takes to clear 1 with skipping. Nobody does SE… hate dredge. Was going to type more but then I realize I was ranting :P.

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Hello everyone.

Thank you very much for your input up to this point. We proceed to close the thread now, as this kind of threads tend to derail quite quickly into personal battles and does not really set the grounds for a game dungeon per se. As I said, thanks for your contributions and for your understanding.