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My friend got a problem with his password recovery.
Whenever he logins to the game it’s by account manager and auto saved informations (email + password) , but he totally forgot his password. So he tried to recover his password on this web, but it asked him for 3 things:

Account name : OK
Serial Code : Forgotten and deleted in his mailbox (digi edition), sad but true
Chars name of his acc : OK

That’s it, we dont know what to do next.
Only what he knows is his registered gw2 email, + all information that he has written in when he was creating his acc.

He even cant login here so i am writting this instead of him.

Thanks for every help.

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Hello Fikii,

your friend can open a ticket support here and provide all the other details that he has attached to that account (like the email, character accounts and so on), so they can check that it belongs to him and proceed to make the retrieval of the password. If the ticket goes unanswered for three or more days, you can post the reference number in the sticky for old tickets.