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Hi, before I elaborate on this I would like to share my experience with GW2 Support (or ncsoft support)

I first had to go through support when my account was compromised. This issue was fixed 5 days later (it was a busy time for support then) and I am very grateful for that.

However after that issue I have only encountered issues that have made me feel that ArenaNet/NC Soft were much more antagonising than whatever hacker who had access to my account ever did.

Starting mid November I have faced a plethora of issues which have forced me away from the game.

Issues I’ve faced
Terminations – Once for botting/mods and once for RMT
Suspensions – For account issues, telling me my grace period is over, blocked for anauthorized credit card activity
Support responses – Either several support officers are simply automated, or they are simply incompetent and highly unhelpful as well as frustrating. A huge thank you to the few who responded to me that did not belong in either category.

Consequences for me
Missed out on day one of lost shores event
Had to buy another Christmas gift to replace an account purchase
Blocked from my own account for 13 days not including the incident where it was compromised. 28 if I include the account meant to be a gift.

To conclude:
Outside of incident where my account was compromised, it seems that 100% of the problems I have faced are a result of extremely tough and harsh measures being brought in to combat fraud, gold sellers etc.

To use an analogy this feels like trawling. Yes you are catching many of your ‘fish’ with your methods, but plenty of non-targets get caught and suffer as well.

So my question is -
Will there be any consideration for us who get punished for no reason? We may (fortunately?) have access to our accounts once again but otherwise it is a frustrating and bitter experience.

Or will we just be treated as necessary sacrifices and swept aside?

I have put in over 1000 hours into GW2, and am putting in more every day I have access to my account. However everyday I feel like I’ve been cheated of something, even feeling afraid another termination/suspension is in the works for me.

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I will answer this in a bit. I’m concerned about your use of a name that was changed, so I need to look into that first of all.