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Culling is brought up a lot by the devs in the context of WvW, but it affects PvE as well. Super-populated event chains like in Orr and Harathi Hinterlands will have culling, sometimes with entire groups of enemies appearing dead because other players (who you can’t even see) got to them first. Will culling improvements be seen in PvE as well?

There’s a related issue where if too many players are attacking the same monster, not everyone (or no one) gets kill credit for it, i.e., no XP or loot. Are kill credit issues being looked at too?

(I posted this in the sticky discussion thread for yesterday’s blog post, but it got buried. Hope it’s okay to break it out into a separate thread.)

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We’ll be evaluating the culling system fixes we do for WvW, and applying as many of them as make sense as possible to all parts of the game absolutely.