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My account got banned twice and according to the error code i got, it said i was botting.

I am the type of player that loves to grind for the best items, and get thrills from making weapons from the materials I’ve acquired.

Heres the present problem: Being banned while grinding for mats.

After my account was unblocked recently, I stated a concern with support saying how am I being compared with bots/macros. Because from my opinion, Anet really has no way to distinguish bots when it comes to people who farm/grind for cash or mats. Since this is a game based on using a keyboard, the keys that are used to farm/grind are pretty similar in most cases. For instance, if I were to farm something that required me to go around in a circle to kill mobs as they spawn, would I be mistaken as a bot?

That was the question that I’ve given to support and they told me to post it on the offical forums.

Quite frankly, farming/grinding takes a lot of toll on a persons physical and mental health since it requires to do repetitive work on the keyboard, and I believe that people consciously try to find the best method to farm/grind to make their experiences less stressful and end up grinding in a perfect cycle.

Overall, I am pretty doubtful whether people really have concrete evidence to prove whether players are using macros or not. But as of now, I am afraid and concerned whether I should put time and effort into the game to grind for my weapon skins.

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I think people are under the impression that “If you play a lot, you increase your chances of getting flagged for botting.” That is not the case because even if someone played hours and hours a day, there are a lot of other data points that are reviewed before someone gets flagged as a possible bot.

I cannot say for certain why you were blocked, and certainly not why that happened two times. I’m sorry for the confusion! We take on board the difference between a player who farms many hours a day and a player who farms for a living. I’ll check into the details, but I would continue going about my normal gaming and not spend too much time trying to find work-arounds. IOW, play the game as you desire, as long as you’re playing fairly (as I believe you are), and you should be just fine.

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ArenaNet isn’t going to divulge how they are revealing their methods of finding bots, nor should they. When I farm for materials, I just do it, sometimes for hours in the same areas, and I don’t worry about any bans. Hasn’t been a problem.

This is true and a logical course to take. Thank you for posting.