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Recently i’ve watched Dontains video on Heavy Arms Build, and there was this conversation between these two guys stating that you can’t post GW2 videos on Youtube and if you do, it will be taken down.

Here are some comments on it:
“I heard you weren’t allowed to upload Guild Wars 2 videos on YouTube. Is that true?”

“you are not allowed but he is partnered so he still gets money of these but if you are not and you monetize GW2 vids they will be taken down

Now i wonder if that is true since i just recently wanted to make a youtube account, dedicated to making GW2 content videos. I do hope i am mistaken.

I apologize for this wall of text and my awfull grammar, thank you and have a nice day.

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The Terms of Use do not permit for-profit, commercialized use of our assets.

Having said that, we do not actively pursue and take down videos or websites if fans choose to display advertising.

Hope that helps.