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Hi Anet im sorry to bother im new to guild wars 2 and loving it its a big learning curve from other mmos i shall refrain from mentioning however ive been told repeatedly that people who have sent gold coins and such to thire friends have goten warning and bans as you belive thire selling gold is this true ? i have a lot of friends who are on the edge of choosing to come play guild wars 2 with me from the other mmo and one in particular i wish to help out by giving her gold and bags i make with armoursmithing and so on to get her started is it really a no no to be friendly and help out a friend with giving them gold ? would i really be banned if i gave a friend a few gold pices ? please let me know so i dont do this and get banned and so on thank you.

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Gold or item transfers, in and of themselves, do not result in account closures. A number of accounts are closed daily for gold or item deliveries (RMT) that involve real-world purchases. A few players have been flagged for RMT in error and were quickly reinstated once the error was identified.

The huge preponderance of transfers go through without a hitch, and tens of thousands of them take place between legitimate players every day without any sort of suspension.