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Regional FlagTrading Post Issue - Can't use TPSource
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I bought this game before gets open to play.
Since the first day of existance i have a issue in my account that i sended 05 tickests inside the game for support and 01 ticket from the website that told me to send the ticket inside the game… yes i know, frustranting. T.T

My issue is:

When i clicl in the Black lion above the screen, we have all that options, Gems, Sell, My trades … anyway, the option TRADING POST is bugged in my account.

My girlfriend open his account in my house and her T.P. works, i log my account and the Trading Post screen just never shows up the itens on sale.

I can’t equip myself with better weapons and armors because of this Trading Post Issue.

When i click the Trading Post icon, the screen that shows me its a circle in the middle like “loading” (where suposed to show the itens on sale) that never stop to search.

This is my issue.
Hope to be conclusive, my english is bad.

Hope to get helped. Since the game born i have this problem and i NEED this solved.

Thanks for all.

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I would suggest that you contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page. They should be able to assist you. (I might file this under a technical support issue so the right people look at it, but the team will be able to route it to the correct agent.)