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I can buy on the trading post and search just fine. But I cannot sell on any of my 6 characters. It started this with the last patch. I dual boot into my main OS Windows 7 64 bit and sometimes into Windows 8 Enterprise 64 bit. So I have tried all of the following on both OS with no success.
A) deleting the local.dat file
B) creating a new desktop shortcut with the -repair extension
C) starting the game, clicking on a character, go to trading post and stand in front of a npc , open my inventory and right click sell at at trading post.
D) multiple restarts of system and restarts of game client
E) changing characters
F) I even tried to redownload the game to reinstall (that of course did not work but I did try.

I have searched the forums and the web and other game sites with no luck. I am left with a unusable game as being able to sell items is my only real means of getting sufficient money to purchase gear upgrades. What am I suppose to do now?

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Hello everyone.

Haelis, we are glad to hear that you can sell in the TP again and that Support helped you promptly. To all of you, thanks for all your contributions. Since the problem has been solved, we proceed to close the thread.