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So here’s the deal.

There was a person X in our guild for about 2 weeks now. As an officer of the guild I have my daily routine of checking things and logs around the guild. I noticed X left the guild “5 hours ago” and I thought that maybe he didn’t like this guild or something. Ok, moving on. I got to the guild bank and saw the guild stash (which is usually 90%+ full) empty. I was like woah, someone must’ve really needed all that.

Offtopic, we have a rule in the guild that when you withdraw something from the guild stash/treasure trove you give back anything of similar or equal value.

Back to original post. I checked the history log and there was an “Unknown User” that withdrew all that stuff from the Stash, 5 hours ago. I put those facts together to find out that X had taken everything from the stash (including gold that was deposited in there) and immediately left the guild. I did check the guild log just in case if someone was named “Unknown User” but there was none. Also nobody else left in the time lapse of 24+hours. So it HAD to be X.

Now he doesn’t respond to whispers and also to the mail I’ve sent to him (Implying what he did was wrong and If he can return all the stuff or there will be consequences). Note that he was online during that stuff, and noticing even zone changes which shows that he wasn’t afking. (I saw these things by adding him as a friend).

Now it comes to: What should I/We do? He doesn’t respond to anything, not even guild invite, we have an empty stash now. I already reported the guy but if there is anything else we can do, i’d appreciate the answer.

TL;DR X person, which has not been very long in the guild, emptied the Guild Stash and left the guild right after. He’s not responding to anykind of communication.

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I think a-net support (Gaile) has said on a few occasions that there’s not much they can do in this instance as they consider it an internal guild issue


This is true. Cryo, you could nevertheless report him in-game or through the ticketing system as a scamming denounce. However, and as it has already been said, this is an internal guild issue; although unfortunate, it can be a lesson so your guild does not suffer the same episode again.

We close the thread now. Thanks for your understanding.