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“Because (different from a world transfer) we are not moving your character between data centers, you may only guest on worlds in the same region as your home world. Players on North American home worlds cannot guest on European worlds or vice versa.
You may not participate in World vs. World on your guest world. If you choose to enter World vs. World on the world you are guesting on, you’ll be moved back to your home world. If you want to play World vs. World on the world you’re guesting on, you must perform a full world transfer to that world.”

So i go as a guest in North American servers to play with my friends and see how he looks like, how about we just go whoop some European kitten in PvP as a team (or guests) and R E P R E S E N T like GW1 instead of this corny ideas of yours..

again, who is developing this game?

MY GOD!!!!!

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Hello everyone.

If you would like to join already the discussions around this and other issues, please, do check the following stickied thread in the Gw2 discussion subforum. We rather prefer to have all your feedback in one official place rather than scattered all around the forums.

We close this one. Thank for your understanding.