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im an engineer and i was killing an engineer in wvw,
he used his #2 skill and then immediately his #3 and after that, again immediately #2
i know the cooldowns and i noticed it when he used his #3
its 10 seconds for #2 and 20 seconds for #3
i reported that user for botting, he is in farshiverpeak server.

i killed him again when he came back, this all happend in the beginning area of eb jumping puzzle, and when he came back, he did exactly the same.

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Hello everyone.

Yes, we are aware of those issues and therefore we would ask you to keep on reporting those fellows through the in-game reporting tools (using the botting or scamming tab as a reporting option) and/or sending your reports to [email protected]

Thank you very much for your reports and patience, it´s greatly appreciated.