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Hi all,

With free transfers closing soon it’s time for you to find your permanent home! In your quest for the perfect server, I’m sure you’ve heard about Maguuma’s excellent voice comms, impeccable response times, maze of mesmers in enemy keeps, and awesome spirit that never quits. However, this was mostly formed from Day 1 players and a few small guild transfers that really understood what we’re about with a nice mix of players that were strategically hardened by loss after loss after loss to servers with much more coverage.

Have you sacrificed your entire set of armor to portalbomb down enemy siege over and over when you were outnumbered 10:1? Have you pioneered a stacking tactic that made other servers complain so hard that the mechanic got nerfed? Have you kept logging back into WvW day after day when that 1st place zergball had 3 times everyone else’s points combined? Of course not, that’s why you want to transfer in the first place!

So if you’re looking for the right server to get married to, we don’t want you. T5/T4 is the perfect size for us; we don’t want culling wars; we don’t want zergballs; we don’t want commanders that graciously allow our cavalry a “leave of absence” to quit playing the game. In fact, if you transferred over here after you saw how good we were doing last matchup, well, there’s still time to leave! You should consider Sea of Sorrows, they’re recruiting!

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Ok, I just opened the thread again. I would like to apologise for the confusion regarding this; however, those comments that go against the code of conduct in the forums will be dutifully moderated.

Sorry again for the inconveniences.