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My account has been Permanently closed because I was purchsed the game from an unauthorized store. But at the very begining, I did tried to purchase GW2 just by the Official Website or your authorized retail stroes. The problem is I don’t have a credit card so that there is no way that I can purchase GW2 from any of them and that’s the reason which finally caused my Account Permanently banned.
I have contact GW2 support many times and they just won’t give me a chance to release my account.
With my friend’s help I have re-purchased Guild Wars 2 again from Amazon,one of authorized retailers and I wonder is there really no way to reactive my account by applying a new and valid serial code to my account?Anyone could please kindly help me with this issue?thank you very much!

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It sounds as if you have discussed this with Support. What is the 12-digit incident/ticket number?