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I recently lost my account password and tried to reset it. Unfortunatley, Anet requires that I input my serial key. This can be difficult if you ordered a digital version and no longer have the email.

This is doubly difficult in that Anet will not resend that email or give you your security key, for security reasons, despite allowing you to make a ticket and verifying your billing info and changing your pass for you.

While, I don’t necessarily care to have a security key, I think it’s silly that if I lose my password that I have to contact Anet support to regain access to my account.

Can you guys dispense of that requirement for resetting a password and maybe provide some other sort of security check? Maybe a list of questions or last four digits of cc purchased or something? Who uses security keys in this day and age? I’ve never had to input a security key to recover a lost password in any game that I’ve ever played online. Just a thought.

In any case, your support team is pretty quick and tends to be very helpful so keep up the good work on that front!

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I understand your situation, and appreciate why you’re making the suggestion to remove the requirement for a serial code. However, please keep in mind that when a password is forgotten, the serial code may be the one piece of information that is not publicly available. Your email address is probably “out there,” and certain your address is, as well. The serial code is unique, and that’s why it’s a really good way to establish that you are who you say you are, and should be assisted with access to the account.

We may make changes; I’ll ask around. But right now, it makes sense to work with Support — and thank you for your kind words about the team! — when you need assistance.