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So me and my friend are in this guild which the leader always likes to gather guild members to form zerg group for map exploration.

My friend told me that a few days ago he joined in one and having fun as usual.
Then suddenly the guild leader told everyone to slow down. My friend wasn’t paying much attention to the guild channel and probably ignored that order.

Then he received a PM from the guild leader saying “Slow down or I’ll report you as botting”. My friend wasn’t quite fond of that threat and just quit the game (w/o screencapping the dialogue). I feel quite bad about that, especially when it’s me who asked my friend to join this guild. I would probably look for a better guild for both of us.

I know it’s probably normal that guild leaders make members do anything they request. But it’s obvious that my friend isn’t botting as he could join in and follow a zerg group.

So is it actually OK to use “report as botting” as a threat? Any thoughts people? :\

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Knowingly making any false reports, whatever the reason, is not allowed. Please refrain from such actions in the future.