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Hey everybody,

We hope you enjoyed the livestream with Johnathan Sharp, Matt Witter and Mike Zadorojny. The guys are currently enjoying lunch, but after they’re done they will be back to answer your follow-up questions.

So, ask your questions in this thread and tune back into the Twitch TV channel at 2:00pm PST (GMT -8) where they will be answering questions from this very thread.

Here are a few tips on how to ask questions so we can better answer them:

  • Make your questions clear, understandable and provide appropriate context
  • Please ask questions relevant to the topics discussed in the livestream.
  • Don’t make your questions over-specific. Allow the guys room to answer a question with more than “yes”, “no” or “we can’t talk about that yet”.
  • We cannot answer a question or part of a question involving specific release windows. This is because our process is iterative and planned dates can and do change. We will not promise a date we are not committed to.

On to the questions. Please keep this thread on topic and restricted to questions for the livestream only. Thanks!

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Thanks for all the questions, everybody. We’re going to shut down this thread now so the guys have time to read over the questions before going back on air.

The stream will resume at 2pm PST (GMT -8).