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Hey im only a month or so new player and loving it since. I havent thought about checking my email since i started so i thought why not.

Well yesterday i tried and it said my password was wrong i tried it many times and still could not access it. I tried using my security questions which has 2 questions i got 1 right but the other i could not remember and the paper that had the answer to the 2nd question got thrown away long ago i think.

I’m trying to change it but apperently we need to send a support ticket which i did. Only thing is i dont have a support account so how do i recieve a response back? I cant make one because it requires email confirmation to make a support account.

So my email doesnt work, my security question cant be solved, and i cant make a support account without my email to change it. Does that make me fully doomed?

P.s I can login just fine i just want the email changed incase my email got deleted, or a chance of somebody gaining access to my email.

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You can use the Support Interface at https://en.support.guildwars2.com/. Log into your account via the “My Stuff” page.