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Regional Flagi can`t log to the accounts - wtf nc?Source
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yea u can ban me here to but:
I bought 2 games in preorder state bcs i was going to play with my girl. She has been playing like 10 days i like 2 months, then we didnt have time real time. Now when i try to log i get 2 accounts which seemed to be baned:? big WTF. And she have had like 12 lvl character.
It`s a joke receiving : ‘connection failed’ and ‘account suspended from account issue after such as inacitivity’ messages. From error code and using google one was banned and a second one has unknown error message.
My trust to ncsoft went down to the ground. Also times needed to get any answer from support are crazy long.

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We do NOT close accounts due to “inactivity.” Please look again and provide an accurate message.

I worry that your accounts have been compromised, that is, hacked. If you get a message the refers only to an “account issue” that may be the case. Each of you should individually contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page. They will be able to assist you. For tips on what information to provide in a ticket, please read this post.