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I tried to buy gems from the in-game store it said my cc failed i thought maybe i put something info in wrong so i did it again and failed again so i went to my bank website to see what was going on and you charged me twice but i received no gems. Good business model lol Think you could fix this please

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Well, you certainly opened my eyes! I had no idea we left you in the dark about which reason to choose when you’re writing to ask about Gem Store purchases. Thank you for pointing that out.

I would say for now, that “Refunds” might be the right answer, but it’s not really a good one. So I wrote our Support Leads and asked them to consider adding something like, oh, “Payments” or even “Billing” or “Gem Store” to the list, to help players get in touch with us and to sort the incoming ticket properly so it gets sent to the agent best able to answer it.

Thanks for your feedback. (And I’m sure you’ll be helped quickly, but do update in the Tickets for Review thread if you still need help after three days.)