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Hi everyone… I have a question that might surprise some of you : Is it actually possible to get a refund of your current purchase (the game) and replace it with another equivalent serial key?

The thing is that i actually won a copy of Guildwars 2 in a contest which had over 500 participants… Normally, i never win in such contest, so i bought GW2 for myself around 20 days ago.

Right now, i’m stuck with 2 copy of the game. I’d be great to actually just “swap” the serial key that i won with the one i actually paid for without the deletion of my account.

Is there any way to prevent my account from getting deleted and actually get a refund for it so i can enter a new serial? Or is it impossible and i’m actually stuck to sell the serial to somebody else?



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Well, first of all, we will not swap codes. Please do not ask the team to do that because it takes time away from people who have actual support issues.

Secondly, if you did not purchase from us, I cannot answer for whether you can get a refund, that depends on the seller of the game.

Thirdly, if you did purchase directly from us, we may be willing to refund the payment, it depends on the situation. However, we will not process a refund unless we permanently close the account. (It’s only fair to do that, for a lot of reasons.) So whatever you’ve achieved since you began will be lost to you if you request and receive a refund.

I like the ideas that other players have shared: Retain a second account, share with a friend, etc.