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Hello, i have destroyed my starting hood on thief because i thought i would have found another one on higher levels….i had no idea it was a unique item…..

I even created another thief to transform my helmet,only to find out that the hood is character bound.

All i ask is for 1 hood to change the looks on my helmet,nothing more…..i mean it doesnt cost anything or doesnt give anything on stats and stuff like that……

I ask it here because there is no other way to acquire it…..so…..

I am an active player,even paid euros to get gems,so you understand im taking this game pretty seriously,all i want is that small favor!!!!!

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hello everyone.

CRASH, I am afraid to tell you that since this seems to be a human mistake, very unfortunate, there is not so much that Customer Support can do for you. You could naturally try to open a ticket and see what they tell you and what could be done but do not build your hopes up that much.

We close the thread now. Thanks for your understanding.